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Le texte suivant est en anglais, issu de notre base de données.


Is it possible to order X/Y-table and/or battery afterwards?

Yes! This is not possible for MagniLink Zip NG, but it is for the MagniLink PRO.


Is it possible to upgrade the software with TTS afterwards?

Yes, upgrade codes can be ordered for all MagniLink PRO models delivered without TTS software.


What is the charging / operation time for the battery?

The charging time is approximately 2.5 hours and the operation time approximately 5-9 hours, depending on light level and usage.


Is it possible to add / change functions in the control panel?

Yes. There are two programmable buttons.


Which languages are available / how do I update with another language? 

At least one local language + English are always included. See manual for a complete list of available languages. Contact LVI to order and activate additional languages.


Is it possible to save scanned text?

Yes, in text view choose CTRL + C and then CTRL + V (Cmd + C and the Cmd + V in MAC) to paste text into another program, such as Word.


Can MagniLink PRO be connected to Split box or external distant camera?

Yes, it can. 


Will the unit start with the same settings as befor I turned it off?

Yes, settings will be saved, unless you pull the cord or if there is a power outage.


Can any monitor be connected to MagniLink PRO?

Yes, choose LVI monitor for best low vision adaptation. Our 23” monitor will perform best since it offers Full HD (1 920x1 080). HDMI and DVI cables are included, which means that conversion cable is needed for DisplayPort or other standard. VGA cable is not recommended.


Is connection to Mac possible?

Yes, software for both PC and Mac are included. TTS for PC and / or Mac is available as accessories.


Which Windows and Mac versions are recommended?

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. MAC OS X Version 10.6 Snow Leopard or later. 


Which assistive software can be used together with MagniLink PRO?

ZoomText, SuperNova, iZoom and MagniLink iMax can be used. Windows Eyes and JAWS with some exceptions. 


Can MagniLink PRO be used both with USB 2 and USB 3?

Yes, we recommend USB 3 for best performance (60 full frames per second). Use of USB 2 might need extra cables, please contact LVI for more information. 


Is it possible to scan a full A4 page?



Can MagniLink PRO use WiFi for wireless access to iPad/Android tablets?

No. At the moment we think that WiFi isn’t offering enough speed and reliability for high quality camera picture. Note that using WiFi for transferring camera picture will “lock” the WiFi to the camera = it will not be possible to use WiFi for Internet access to the device.